Alternative routes to GMC registration:

Postgraduate Medical Qualification


When going through the process of GMC registration, the most common route for most medical expats coming to the UK is the PLAB route. However, there are other possible routes as well, depending on the level of the individual’s experience. One of those routes is through a GMC recognized postgraduate medical qualification.

According to GMC guidelines, if you have one of the recognized postgraduate qualifications, they can accept it as evidence that you have the necessary knowledge and experience to apply for full registration and license to practice. So if you have completed the MRCP (Membership of the Royal College of Physicians) for example, you should be eligible for full GMC registration.

The full list of all the qualifications, both UK and overseas, accepted by the GMC can be found here.

This route is particularly important for those doctors who are relatively advanced in their career and have completed or are in the process of completing any of the accepted qualifications. It is always important to check if your qualification is acceptable so as to save yourself the hassle of going through the PLAB exams. 

Once you have confirmed that your postgraduate qualification is accepted by the GMC, you would have to follow through with the process of GMC registration which includes checking that your primary medical qualification is acceptable by the GMC, Providing evidence of English language proficiency and the verification of your qualification.

Although this is an available route to gaining full GMC registration, it is only relevant to those individuals who have obtained these qualifications or those in the process of obtaining them. It is also useful to know that to be eligible for this route, you must be granted full registration with a license to practice within three years of passing your postgraduate qualification.


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  1. Hey, i completed my MBBS and Housesurgeoncy in India by April 2020.I wanted to know the eligibility criteria for applying for mrcpsych exams and also the procedure for the same.

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